Using Multiple Languages with Loox

Certain stores receive orders from customers from different regions, countries, or who otherwise speak different languages.

Loox enables you to send every customer review request emails, as well as any other Loox emails, in their native language.

This is done through Loox automatically recognizing what language your customers saw in their checkout process (which is set in your Shopify account) - This language will then be used as the default language of their Loox emails.

How to enable multilingual support:

From your Loox admin, under the "Settings" tab, in the "Customize text" section, you have the option of choosing your primary language, and underneath you can enable or disable Multilingual support:

Once you enable multilingual support, you can then edit any emails in all Loox supported languages.

To do so, choose what email or customer-facing widget you wish to edit, and in the scroll-down menu at the top right choose the relevant language:

You can find more information about what languages does Loox support and how to change your language in Loox here:
How do I change my language in Loox?

Note 1: Changing the language in the "Collect reviews" section of your Loox settings will also change your primary language across the board.

If you have any questions or need any help, please contact our support and we'll be happy to help!