Loox Referrals

Increase traffic and sales by incentivizing your customers to refer family and friends using Loox Referrals. 


Loox Referrals offers three ways to turn your customers into brand advocates:

Post-purchase Referrals Widget:

The Post-purchase Referrals Widget is displayed on your customers' order summary page after checkout. Learn more.

Post-review Referrals Offer:

The Post Review Referrals Offer is displayed right after a customer submits a review. Learn more.

Onsite Referrals Widgets:

Onsite Referrals Widgets are displayed on your store’s pages to encourage visitors to become advocates. There are two different Onsite Referrals Widgets: the Referrals Sidebar Widget and Onsite Referral Widget. Learn More.

Referrals performance

You can track your referrals' engagement and the revenue generated on your Loox Homepage

  • Shares: The number of unique referral links generated by your customers.
  • Store visits: The number of customers who visited your store through a shared link.
  • Revenue: Revenue collected from orders that used discounts given from a referral.

Your referrals performance will also be reflected in your monthly Loox Metrics email:

Reporting your Loox advocates to Shopify Customers 

View and track your Loox advocates order history and the amount they spent on your Shopify Customers.

By default, our Post Purchase Referrals Widget will automatically sync advocates to Shopify Customers.

To sync your Onsite Referrals advocates with your Shopify Customers tab:

Once enabled, we will sync all new advocates from your Onsite widgets. All existing advocates before this adjustment will not be reported.

You can filter your advocates based on three different options on Shopify Customers: 

  • Loox - Post-purchase Advocates: Shows all advocates who came through the Post-purchase Referrals Widget.
  • Loox - Onsite Advocates: Shows all advocates who came through your Onsite Referrals Widgets.
  • Loox - All Referral Advocates: Shows all of your Loox advocates.

Fraud protection

Use our fraud protection options to ensure your referral program doesn't get abused.

To manage your Fraud protection:

  • Inside the “Referrals” settings section, go to "Settings".
  • Under “Fraud protection”, turn on or off the fraud protection options. (Learn more below)

Prevent advocate self-rewards: 

If the advocate uses their own referral link, the discount will be applied to their purchase, but they will not receive the advocate reward. 

The details tracked for this measure are:

  • Email - including basic variations of the same email (for example, adding "+1")
  • IP Address + User-Agent
  • Shopify’s customer ID

An advocate will only receive their reward if the friend purchases directly through the link they shared and only once their friend's order is fulfilled, based on our terms of service.

30-second redeem delay:

After an advocate shares the discount link, a 30-second delay is added before the discount code can be used, preventing situations where advocates will redeem their own link immediately after its creation.

Limit discounts to new customers only:

If the referred customer previously shopped in your store, the discount code will not apply.

Prevent self-referrals:

The discount will not be applied if any of the customer’s information matches the advocate's details listed below: 

  • IP Address
  • User-Agent (device)

Note: If your advocate didn’t receive their reward, make sure their friend's order is over the minimum purchase amount and has been marked fulfilled.  

Social media image

Add a unique image to your referral links.

The image will appear on your advocates' links when they are shared on social media, for example:

To add a social media image:

  • Inside the “Referrals” settings section, go to "Settings".
  • Add an image under “Social media image”:


  • Referrals are included in the Unlimited plan and can be added to any other plan. Click here to get Referrals on your plan.
  • Discount codes generated automatically using a Loox Referral widget can only be used on one-time purchases.

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