How to use Loox Referrals

The Loox Referrals add-on allows you to easily turn your happy customers into brand advocates!

Loox offers two key referral-based features: the Post-purchase referral and the Post-review referral. Each one encourages your customers to share your products with their friends by providing a discount on any purchase made through their shared link. 

The Referrals add-on, containing these two features, has an additional $5 subscription fee for all plans. For those on the Unlimited Plan, the Referrals add-on is automatically included in the price.

The Referral quota will be based on the number of fulfilled orders for the time period and will be equal to the review request email quota of your plan (100/500/1,500).

You can customize the referral widgets under the Referrals section of your Loox settings.

Every positive reviewer will have the opportunity to share their review via social media/email/text. When clicked, the shared review directs their friends to your store with a single-use discount code already applied.

This means that the discount can only be used once per customer and will appear automatically at checkout:

Post-purchase Referral

Every customer will have the chance to share their purchase and provide a discount to their friends, with a share link placed on the order summary page: In the Settings menu, you can customize the look of the Post-purchase referral widget on the order summary page, as well as the discount amount:

  • Amount: set the discount amount, in percentages.
  • Primary color: Choose the main color of the widget. The text will be adjusted to black or white according to the color.
  • Title: Edit the title of the widget as it will appear in bold below the discount code.
  • Content: Edit the text that will fill in the widget's body.
  • Button caption: Edit the text that will appear on the share button itself.

    Note: You can use the [discount] placeholder to automatically add the discount amount in all texts.

Post-review Referral

The Post-review Referral allows you to incentivize customers who submitted a positive review (4 or 5 star rating) to share their new review with friends by giving their friends a discount on their purchase if they come through the shared link.

In the Settings menu, you can customize the text that will appear on the shared post, as well as the discount amount.

  • Amount: Set the discount amount, in percentage.
  • Content: Set the content that explains the referral and convinces the customer to share the review (unrelated to what the customer might write).

    Note: You can use the [discount] placeholder to automatically add the discount amount.

Get the Referrals Add-on on your plan

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