Loox Referrals

Loox Referrals enables you to turn your happy customers into brand advocates!
By giving an incentive for your customers to share your store with friends, you can bring in more traffic and sales through word of mouth.
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The post-purchase referral prompts the customer to share a unique discount with their friends after they check out.
The post-review referral functions in a similar way, prompting your customers to share their experience after submitting a positive review.
Loox Referrals can be added to any of the Loox plans and is included out-of-the-box in the Unlimited plan.

Post-Purchase Referral

With post-purchase referrals, every customer will have the chance to share a referral link and provide a discount to their friends. Additionally, your advocates can receive a discount on future purchases, using two-sided incentives. 
A widget will be placed on the order status page, which will contain a unique share link. Your customers can choose how to share it, either by copying the link directly or through a native menu that opens up and allows them to choose any of the apps that are available on their device:

Through the Referrals settings, you can set the discounts offered and their conditions, as well as customize the look of the referral widget:

Widget settings:

  • Referrals type:    
    • One-sided incentive: Only providing the friend (referred customers) with a discount on your store.
    • Two-sided incentive: Both your brand advocates (referring customers) and friends (referred customers) will receive a reward every time a new purchase was made through the unique link.  
  • Primary color: The main color of the widget. The text will be adjusted automatically to black or white according to the chosen color.
  • Friend discount: The discount amount for the friends' (referred customer) purchase. Can be set to percentages, or a fixed value. 
  • Min. purchase amount:
    • The minimum purchase needed to activate the friend discount (one-sided incentive).
    • The minimum purchase the friend needs to buy before the advocate gets their reward (the friend discount will be applied regardless).
    • The minimum purchase amount needed to redeem the reward given to the advocate (two-sided incentive only).
  • Advocate reward (two-sided incentive only): The fixed amount given as a reward to the advocate for every purchase made through their link. One reward, of this value, is added to their total reward per purchase made through their link.

Text customizations:

  1. Friend discount title: The first line of the widget shows the friend discount.
  2. Advocate reward title (two-sided incentive only): The second line of the widget shows the advocate reward.
  3. Subtitle: Appears in bold below the discount/reward title.
  4. Content: Text that appears below the Subtitle. Use it to explain how the discount works.
  5. Button caption: The call-to-action of the share button itself.

    Use the [friend_discount] or [adovcate_reward] placeholders to automatically add the relevant discount amount.

Two-sided incentives

Enabling two-sided incentives encourages your customers to share their link with friends in exchange for rewards. These rewards come in the form of store discounts for future purchases.

When a purchase is made through an advocate's link (above the set minimum amount), a fixed sum will be added to their total reward. This reward can be redeemed in your store at a future purchase. 

The total reward cannot be split and must be redeemed in its entirety on the next purchase that the advocate makes on your store. The purchase must be above the minimum amount that you’ve set.

If a purchase is made through the advocate's link after they have already redeemed their reward, a new reward will start building up again.

Whenever an advocate's link will lead to a successful purchase on your store (above the minimum purchase amount), an email will be sent notifying the advocate, and providing them with a link to redeem their total reward in your store:


The post-purchase referral's quota will be counted every time a new order is fulfilled on your store. The quota depends on the specific Loox plan you are subscribed to:

Basic 100
Advanced 500
Pro 1500
Unlimited Unlimited

Note: Any discount given to your customers through a post-purchase referral will begin with the letters LXZ-

Post-Review Referral

The post-review referral incentivizes your customers who submitted a positive review (4 or 5-star rating) to share their review with friends. This is done by giving their friends a discount link for their next purchase on your store.

In the Referrals settings, you can customize the text that appears on the thank-you page of the review submission form, as well as setting the discount offered:

  • Amount: Set the discount amount, in percentage.
  • Content: Set the content that explains the referral and convinces the customer to share the review (unrelated to what the customer might write).

    Use the [discount] placeholder to automatically add the discount amount.

Note: Any discounts given to your customers through the post-review referral will start with the letters LXS-

Fraud Protection

Every discount code generated by a referral link is a unique, non-reusable discount code that cannot be shared with another customer, similar to all Loox discounts.

An advocate will only receive their reward if the purchase was made directly through the link they shared and only once their friend's order is fulfilled.

Additionally, if a referred friend used the advocate's link, left the store, and completed the purchase later, this purchase will not count towards their total reward.

Every customer that chooses to become an advocate agrees to the terms of service as detailed here:

Referrals program - Terms of Service

By default, Loox will use fraud protection measures to prevent users from potentially abusing these discounts.

Loox will track every advocate's customer ID, email address, as well as IP address to make sure they cannot use their own generated discount code (via shared link) with their accumulated discount.

If an order is made on your store that matches at least one of; email address (or variations of it), IP address, or Shopify's customer ID, of the original advocate, the order will go through but no reward will be created for the advocate.

You can disable these fraud protection measures through the Referrals settings.