Loox Referrals

Loox Referrals enables you to turn your happy customers into brand advocates!
By incentivizing your customers to share your store with friends, you can bring in more traffic and grow sales.
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Loox Referrals can be added to any of the Loox plans and is included out-of-the-box in the Unlimited plan.


Loox Referrals includes two separate features; Post-Purchase Referrals & Post-Review Referrals. Both are available within any of the Reviews & Referrals plans.

Post-Purchase Referrals:

Post-Purchase Referrals prompt customers to share a discount with their friends  after check out. Learn more.

Post-Review Referrals:

Post-Review Referrals prompt customers to share a discount  after submitting a positive (4-5 stars) review. Learn more.

Referrals Performance

On your Dashboard, Loox displays metrics about your customers' engagement with referrals, as well as any revenue you were able to generate using referrals. This includes information on the Post-Purchase and Post-Review Referrals. 

Like the other metrics on the Dashboard, you can filter the data according to: Last 30 days, Last 90 days, or All time.

  • Shares: The number of unique referral links generated by your customers. Every time a customer shares a new referral link, it will count towards the number of shares.
  • Revenue: The total amount of revenue generated by referrals over the selected time frame.
    This includes new orders coming from referrals as well as advocates using the reward given in exchange for referring those orders.

The referrals performance information is also sent in the monthly Loox Metrics email:

Fraud Protection

Loox runs various fraud protection measures to prevent customers from potentially abusing the Referrals discounts.

One-sided incentive (Post-Purchase Referrals & Post-Review Referrals):

Once a link has been shared by a customer, there will be a 30-second delay before anyone can create a discount code through it.

Two-sided incentive (Post-Purchase Referrals):

An advocate will only receive their reward if the purchase was made directly through the link they shared and only once their friend's order is fulfilled.

Every customer that chooses to become an advocate agrees to the terms of service as detailed here:

Referrals program - Terms of Service

Loox prevents advocates from rewarding themselves on your store by tracking and comparing several details for every purchase made through a referral link.

If the purchasing customer's details match with an advocate's details, the store discount will be applied to their purchase, but no reward will be added to the advocate's total reward.

These are the details tracked for this measure:

  • Email (including basic variations of the same email such as adding "+1")
  • IP Address + User Agent
  • Shopify’s customer ID

You can disable these fraud protection measures through the Referrals settings.

Note: If you are not able to see a reward given to an advocate, please make sure the friend’s order is above the minimum purchase amount and has been marked as fulfilled on Shopify.