How to Stop Loox Emails from Being Sent

After installing Loox on your store and completing its onboarding process, we will send review request emails, as well as other emails, to your customers on your behalf, based on your chosen settings.
For customers looking to stop Loox emails from being sent, we support the option to stop our emails directly from the Loox platform.

Review Request Emails

Important: Disabling review request emails means customers will no longer receive emails from Loox asking for reviews. We suggest adjusting the timing of these emails instead of stopping completely.

To stop Loox from sending Review request emails:

Review Reminder Emails

Review reminder emails are sent to customers who received a review request email but did not submit a review 7 days after the first review request email.

To stop Loox from sending Review reminder emails:

Photo/Video Reminder Emails

Photo reminder emails are sent to customers who submitted a text-only review, prompting them to add a photo or video to their review.

To stop Loox from sending Photo/video reminder emails:

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