Reviews widget appearance customization

Loox enables merchants to customize their Loox widget's style, appearance, and colors to match their brand's look.

You can switch between the default Masonry-layout review grid and the List-layout widget, which displays your reviews one under the other:

Masonry grid:

List layout:

You can change the color of the star ratings that will appear on all Loox widgets:

Click the "Star color" box and select the color you need, or you can also insert a specific color hex code by pasting it into the text box:

You can change the font used on all texts in Loox widgets:

Loox supports all Google Fonts. To choose a font simply click the "Font" box and choose a font from the drop-down menu or type in a specific font.

If no other font is chosen, the default font will be "Poppins".

You can change the text color of the review widget's header and "Show more" button:

If your store is using a dark background, you can change the widget's texts to display in white in order to avoid having the texts blend in with the background:

On the Advanced plan and up, you have the option to select specific colors on different elements of the Loox grid widget to completely match your Loox reviews to your store's looks:

To do so, click the text box of the element you wish to customize and select the color you need or insert a specific color hex code by pasting it into the text box:

There are additional customization options that allow you greater control over the design of the review widget's reviews:

The "Review shadow" allows you to choose what color shadow (if at all) will appear underneath the review boxes:

The "Review radius" will decide how sharp or rounded the corners of each review box will be:

On the Pro and up plans, you have the option of removing the Loox branding from the header section of your store's review widgets: