Product Reviews Widget Appearance Customization

Enhance your customers' experiences by making your review widget seamlessly fit your store, highlighting happy customers' reviews throughout your buyers' journeys.

Below, we will cover all the different options we have available for customizing the Product Reviews widget to suit your needs.  


All the settings can be changed at any time and will instantly affect only the Product Reviews widgets across all your store pages.

To adjust these settings, go to your Loox admin under the Settings - Display reviews section.

Widget layout

You can choose between the default grid, list, and list compact layouts; see examples below; 



List (compact):

Rating widget

To edit the Rating Icons displayed on your widget, go to the General appearance section within your Loox Admin Settings - Branding settings page.

The changes are automatically applied to all of your Loox Reviews, Rating, and Carousel widgets, as well as to your Upsell page’s Rating widget. 

To change the color of the Rating icons, follow the steps below:

  • Click inside the text field of the color picker:

  • Select the color you want:

  • Alternatively, you can manually insert a specific color hex code in the text field itself instead:

To change your Rating icon, click on the icon’s dropdown, and select your icon:

You can adjust how your ratings appear by changing the widget's header.

By default we select the "Minimal" layout option. To change this, click the setting's dropdown and select your desired layout. See examples below;

Minimal layout:

Compact layout:

Expanded layout:

Thumbnail layout

 Adjust the thumbnail size of your customers' photos and videos in the List or List compact layouts. 

By default, photos and videos are set to the “large” layout. If you want to change this, click the setting's dropdown, and select your desired layout. See examples below;





By default, Loox all widget fonts are set to "Poppins". To change this, click "Font" and choose a font from the drop-down menu or type in a specific font. We support all Google Fonts.

Widget colors

You can change the text color of the Review Widget’s header and the “Show more reviews” button directly from the widget’s settings page in your Loox Admin, located inside the Settings - Display Reviews section. See examples below: 

You can customize every element of the Loox widget's colors to match your store's look.

To do so, click the text box of the element you wish to customize and select the color you want or insert a specific color hex code:

Review shadow & radius

The "Review shadow" allows you to choose the shadow (if at all) that will appear on the review boxes:

The "Review radius" defines how sharp or rounded the corners of each review box are;

Loox branding

You can remove the Loox branding from the header section of your store's Product reviews widgets by changing the Loox Branding setting inside the Admin's Branding section.