How Loox Impacts SEO

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) allows you to increase organic traffic and sales from search engines. Using SEO solutions, you can display useful information to potential customers, such as your products' star ratings and reviews. It also increases exposure and ranking with Google (and other search engines) through a specific code Loox implements in your product pages.

Loox has built-in SEO services and solutions available upon installation, as well as integration with Google Shopping.

In this article, we'll detail the different ways you can affect your store's SEO.


Google Rich Snippets

Loox helps you get more organic traffic from search engines by displaying ratings & reviews in search results, leveraging Google Rich Snippets.

Upon installation, Loox adds the Rich Snippets code for product pages. This feature is built-in with any Loox plan and is done automatically.

If you'd like to verify your Rich Snippets code, please read: Displaying Star Ratings on Organic Google Search Results

Important: It may take Google up to several weeks to index all reviews and display star ratings on live Google search results.

Inline SEO

Loox's widgets are built to allow Google to crawl all of your reviews' data, including text, images, and dates. This contributes to your product page's SEO, as frequently updated metadata is valuable for ranking. Additionally, your reviews' content can be searchable on Google and will relate to your product page.

To read more about inline SEO and page crawling, you can refer to this article:
How Google Search Works

Google Shopping

You can integrate your Loox reviews into Google Shopping to display ratings and photo reviews on Product Listing Ads:

The integration with Google Shopping is available on the Growth plan and up. Click here to upgrade your plan.

Through this integration, you can display your products' reviews on Google Shopping and contribute to their ranking, as well as have your social proof be shown directly to your customers outside of Shopify.

You can read more about the integration here:
Integrating Reviews with Google Shopping Product Listings