Loox Referrals Incentives

Loox provides its merchants with the option to select the type of incentive that will be used on their store's referral widgets.

Loox supports different types of incentives when using referrals:  One-sided incentives or Two-sided incentives.

Note: Loox's auto-generated discount codes are only supported on one-time purchases.

One-sided Incentive

Using the one-sided incentive, your customers can share your store and expose your brand to their friends and family. When using one-sided incentives, advocates can easily share a unique discount code with their friends inviting them to purchase at your store.

According to the discount configured in your Loox settings, a discount code will be automatically applied to any customer coming through the advocate's unique link. 

In your Referrals - Offer settings section, you can set the discount offered to your advocates' friends, as well as the minimum purchase amount, according to your preference:

Two-sided Incentive

Two-sided incentives increase the traffic coming from referrals by giving a reward to those that share your store.

When a customer who came from an advocate's link purchases from your store, that original advocate who referred them will receive a discount they can use on your store as a reward. 

Every new purchase coming from their unique link will increase the reward they receive. Advocates can redeem this reward in your store at a future purchase. 

The reward cannot be split into multiple purchases and must be redeemed in its entirety on the next purchase that the advocate makes in your store. 

For the advocate to receive their reward, both the advocate and referred friend must purchase an item that meets the minimum purchase amount requirement you set in your Loox admin.

Please note: The advocate will only receive their rewards once the friend's order is labeled as fulfilled.

If a purchase is made through the advocate's link after redeeming their reward, a new reward will start building up again.

The advocate will receive a notification email for every purchase made through their link. This email provides them with a link to their balance page and mentions the size of the current discount reward they can use. 

On that balance page, they can redeem their total reward in your store or share their referral link again: