Sending Review Requests with Klaviyo

The Loox + Klaviyo integration enables you to send branded emails to customers asking them to leave verified reviews on the items they purchased.

Klaviyo’s platform provides you with increased customization over how your review request emails look and behave. You can create customized emails and flows for full control over your customer communications.

The Loox + Klaviyo integration is available on the Unlimited plan. Click here to upgrade your plan

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To learn more about sending follow-up emails using Klaviyo's custom email flows and templates, click here.

Activating the Klaviyo integration

To collect verified reviews from customers through Klaviyo, Loox must be integrated with your Klaviyo account. 

You can do so by following these steps:

  1. Go to your Klaviyo account settings at -
  2. Create a new "Private API Key", set it as a "Full access key", and copy it
  3. Paste it in the "Klaviyo Private API Key" field under "Klaviyo" on your Loox Integrations settings page.
  4. Click “Test” to ensure the integration is successful.

Creating a Review Request flow within Klaviyo

Once you have successfully integrated Klaviyo and Loox, you will need to create a new flow in your Klaviyo account to send review request emails to customers. Loox will trigger this flow whenever an order is due to receive a review request email. 

To create a new flow, follow the steps below:

  • Create a new flow within Klaviyo:
  • Click on "Create From Scratch" and name your new flow. We recommend calling it "Loox Review Requests":
  • Select the flow’s trigger and choose "Metric" then select the "Loox - Time To Send Review Request" trigger from the drop-down list:
  • If relevant, set up any filters you want to apply to the flow, and click "Done".
  • Select the method you would like to use in order to send your review requests. Klaviyo supports the option to send either an SMS or an Email. You can read our instructions guides below on how to create each of these options:

    To send SMS review Requests, SMS messages must be included in your Klaviyo subscription.

  • Once you have selected your email template/SMS content, click on "Review and turn on" to finish your flow set-up and activate your newly created flow:
  • Go into your Loox - Collect Reviews settings, and change your "Send via" email setting to "Klaviyo" to send your emails or SMS requests via Klaviyo:
  • To learn more about creating email flows on Klaviyo, click on the link below: 
    Getting Started with Flows.
  • If you need any further assistance in setting up email campaigns and flows in Klaviyo, we recommend contacting their support team:
    How to Contact Support

Integrating Loox into your Klaviyo email template

You can insert Loox’s parameters into any existing Klaviyo email template to collect verified reviews from customers who receive the email.

The Loox Parameters are listed below:




Example value

customer_id The Shopify customer ID 414Z4YMGh
order_id The Shopify ID of the order 4105623830562
country_code The country code where the order was delivered US
currency The currency used at checkout USD
items A list of line items in the order The information available on the products purchased is listed below:

Product information:

  • id - The Shopify ID of the product purchased by the customer.
  • name - The name of the product, e.g. "T-Shirt".
  • price - The price of the product.
  • quantity - The number of times a certain product was purchased in the same order.
  • image_url - A URL address that fetches the product’s image.
  • review_url - A URL address that redirects your customers to the review submission form associated with the product.

For a step-by-step guide on how to create a review request template in Klaviyo, read the section below.

Creating a Loox Review Request email template in Klaviyo:

After you have created your Klaviyo email flow, you will need to choose the method used to send your review requests to your customers.

When choosing an Email as your method of choice, you will need to select the email which will be sent to your customers to collect their reviews.

To create our recommended email template, follow the steps below: 

  • Enter the Email Templates menu, and click "Create Template":
  • Select "Use new editor" then "Create Template". The "classic editor" does not support an email that asks to review multiple products in a single order:
  • Remove all default content included in the email template until it is empty:
  • Once the editor is empty, you can begin creating a review request template. First, drag the image block to the top of the email template:
  • Drag your store's logo file into the image block settings, and adjust its spacing and padding based on your preferences:
  • Next, add the Text block underneath the image block.
  • Inside this block, add the text asking your customers to leave a review.
    Click here to view some of our suggestions for your email's text, or use the text below:

    Hello {{ first_name|default:'' }},
    We would be grateful if you shared how things look and feel.
    Your review helps us and the community that supports us, and it only takes a few seconds.
  • Next, add a Section Block to your email template:
  • Inside the Section block settings, go into the 'Display Options' sub-menu, and click on "Create Repeat Rules".
  • Inside the "Repeat for" field, enter - event.items, and inside the "Item alias" field, enter - item. Once that is done, click on "Save Changes":
  • Drag and drop another Image block into the newly created section block:
  • Adjust the newly added Image block to showcase the items the customer purchased. Inside the Image block settings, click on “Browse”:
  • Inside the image selector, click on Dynamic Image, and insert the following text - item.image_url, and click on "Save":
  • Once the image block is added, you can adjust your image appearance settings according to your preferences. We recommend adding a fixed width to the image:
  • Once you are done with the image's settings, add a new Text block underneath the Image block:
  • Inside the Text block's settings, add the following to insert the names of the items purchased - {{ }}.We suggest changing the text alignment setting to the center-align option:
  • Lastly, add a Button block underneath the newly added Text block:
  • Inside the Button block's settings, change the text to "Write a Review", and inside the URL field, add the following text - {{ item.review_url }}:

That's it! Your Loox Review Request email is done!

You can click on the "Save and return to templates" to finish the process.

The email template you have just created would result in an email that looks like this:

Sending Review Requests via SMS

If you would like to send your review requests via SMS follow our instructions below:

Klaviyo SMS only supports sending a review link to a single product at a time. Once the customer submits their review, they are prompted to review the other products they purchased.

  • Select SMS as the "Action" in your Flow, and click on "Configure Content" to create your review request SMS:
  • Inside the "Message Content" field, add the text asking your customers to leave a review.
    For example:

    Hello {{ first_name|default:'' }},
    We would be grateful if you shared how things look and feel.
    Your review helps us and the community that supports us, and it only takes a few seconds.
  • When asking your customers to leave a review, insert the parameter below to add the link to review the product:

    {{ event.items.0.review_url }}
  • That's it! Your Loox SMS Review Request is done!

    You can click on the "Save content" button to finish the process.

    The SMS you have just created would result in a message that looks like this:

If you have any questions or run into any difficulties setting this up, feel free to contact our Support team at [email protected], and we’d be more than happy to help!