Sending Review Requests with Klaviyo

Send your review request emails using Klaviyo’s unique email trigger flows and templates, giving you full control over customer communications.

The Loox + Klaviyo integration is available on the Scale plan and up. Click here to upgrade your plan

Activating the Klaviyo integration

To integrate your Loox account with your Klaviyo account:

  • Inside your Klaviyo account’s settings page, go to “API Keys”:

  • Click “Create Private API Key”:

  • In the “Create API Key” page, select “Full Access Key” and click “Create”:

  • Copy your API Key:

  • Inside the Loox App’s "Integrations" settings section, paste your API key under “Klaviyo”:

  • Click “Test” to confirm the integration is successfully working:

  • When you receive the confirmation that the API key is valid, your Klaviyo account is integrated with Loox.

Creating a Review Request flow within Klaviyo

Create a review request email flow using a Loox trigger on Klaviyo.

Loox will trigger your flow whenever an order meets your email timing setting set on your Loox account.

To create an email flow using the Loox trigger:

  • Inside your Klaviyo account’s “Flow” menu, click “Create Flow”:

  • Click "Create From Scratch":

  • Name your new flow. We recommend calling it "Loox Review Requests":

  • Inside the flow’s “Trigger setup” page, select “Metric” as your trigger:

  • Open the “Choose metric” dropdown menu, and select “Loox - Time To Send Review Request”:

  • If relevant, set up the filters you want to apply to the flow and click "Done".
  • Drag the “Email” option from “Actions” and drop it below the flow’s main trigger:

  • Configure your email’s content and subject line.
  • On the top-right corner of the screen, click “Update Action Statuses”:

  • In the “Update All Action Statuses” window, select “Live” from the Action status dropdown menu:

  • Click “Update Statuses”:

  • Inside your Loox Admin’s "Collect Reviews" settings section, go to "Review request timing".
  • Change your "Send via" email setting to "Klaviyo":

Your Loox Review request emails will now be sent through Klaviyo.

Note: Setting your email timing to "Send via Klaviyo" will stop your Loox Review request reminder emails from being sent.

Other follow-up emails Loox sends on your behalf to customers who submit reviews (e.g., Photo/Video reminder email, Discount for photo/video review email, Discount reminder for photo/video review) will still be sent according to your Loox account settings.

Integrating Loox into your Klaviyo email template

Use the Loox Parameters listed below to add your customers’ order information to your emails.

Adding these parameters to your Klaviyo email templates would allow you to create custom CTAs:

Parameter Description Example value
customer_id The Shopify customer ID 414Z4YMGh
order_id The Shopify ID of the order 4105623830562
country_code The country code where the order was delivered US
currency The currency used at checkout USD
items A list of line items in the order

The information available on the products purchased is listed below:

Product information:

  • id - The Shopify ID of the product purchased by the customer.
  • name - The name of the product purchased, e.g. "T-Shirt".
  • price - The price of the product purchased.
  • quantity - The number of times a product was purchased in the same order.
  • image_url - A URL address that adds the product’s image.
  • review_url - A URL address that redirects your customers to the review submission form associated with the product.

Tip: Creating a new Klaviyo email template from scratch? read our Using Loox Parameters in Klaviyo Review Request Emails help article to learn how to add your custom CTA's.

If you have more questions, contact our Support team. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help!

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