Getting Started with Loox

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Now that you have installed Loox, what's next?

The article below will walk you through collecting and displaying your products' reviews, offering discounts for photo and video reviews; customizing your Loox widgets, and more. You will be ready to start leveraging the power of social proof marketing and increase your sales.

Activating the Loox Core Script on Your Theme

When you set up Loox for the first time, you'll be prompted to activate the Loox Core Script and display the Sidebar WIdget across your store pages so you can get started right away.

If you change your live theme, activate the Loox Core Script again to continue displaying your reviews.

To manually activate the Loox Core Script on your theme:

  • Click and open the “App embeds” side menu:

  • Toggle on the “Loox Core Script”:

Once activated, all Loox widgets can be displayed across your store’s pages.

Tip: Click the links below to automatically add the following widgets to your product pages (supported on 2.0 themes):

Display your product reviews

To display your customer reviews on your product pages using a Loox widget, add a widget block in the Shopify Theme Editor using our built-in integration with every store page on Shopify’s Online Store 2.0 themes.

Tip: To add a Loox widget to your pages directly from the Loox Platform, view the video below:

To manually add a Loox widget to your store's page:

  • Click "Add section" and select the Loox widget you'd like to display on your page:

  • Drag the widget's app block and drop it where you would like it to appear:

  • Click "Save".

To learn more about our collection of widgets available or how to add any specific widget to your store's page, see the articles listed below:

Offer a discount for photo / video reviews

Offer a discount for reviews that include photos or videos to encourage your customers to share their experiences and build social proof for your brand. 

To offer your customers a discount for photo or video reviews:

  • Select whether you would like to offer a single discount or different discounts for photo and video reviews:

  • Select the amount you would like to offer your customers for photo and video reviews:

Choose from two types of discounts:

  • Percentage (%): For example, 15% off.
  • Fixed: For example, $15 off (your store's currency will be automatically used).

Once you select the discount type you want to offer your customers, you can adjust its settings. 

The settings are:

  • Single code for all customers - create a discount code within Shopify and apply it as the code given for photo/video reviews through Loox. 
  • Unique code for each review - generate a new unique code for every customer that submits a photo/video review.
  • Offer discounts for reviews from: 
    • On-site & review requests - Give the discount to both reviewers who submit a review on your store and those who submit a review through a review request.
    • Review requests only - Offer the discount to verified customers who submit a review through a review request only.
  • Discount code expires after - Set an expiration date for the discount codes.

To learn more about how you can adjust your Loox discounts, go to Offering a Discount for Photo/Video Reviews

Set up your Review request email's timing

Getting your customers to leave product reviews is essential to building social proof throughout your store.

Sending these emails at the right time is important; if you send them too soon, there is a lower chance of your customers submitting their reviews, and if you wait too long, you might miss out on the initial excitement of a new product.

To set your Review request email's timing:

You can set the timing between 1 to 70 days after:

  • The customer's Purchase
  • Fulfillment of the customer's order.
  • Delivery of the package.

To learn more about our different timing options and how to edit your emails' content, read the articles listed below:

Customize your Branding

Your Loox widgets and emails can be customized to fit seamlessly with your brand inside the "Branding" settings section. Our customization options are available directly from the app and do not require any customization of your theme's code.

The following customization options are available:

General Appearance:

  • Logo - Add your store's logo to your Loox emails and referral landing pages.
  • Corner Radius - Adjusts the shape of your widgets' corner radius.
  • Rating icons - Select the icons that represent ratings on your store. You can go stars (the Loox default) or select your own.
  • Widgets font - Choose the font used on your Loox widgets.

Email Appearance:

  • Enable email banners - Add a default banner image to display on all your Loox emails. You can use our default email banner or upload your own.
  • Appearance - Design the emails Loox sends on your behalf to match your brand's look and feel. You can select our default options - "Boxed" and "Modern", or select "Custom" to customize each of your emails' elements.

Level up your Social Proof

Reviews are just the beginning of building social proof. Set up your Loox Referrals and Loox Upsell to take your brand's social proof marketing to the next level. 

To continue learning more about what we have to offer, check the articles listed below: 

If you need help editing your Liquid code, contact our Support team at - [email protected]. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!

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