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  • Importing Reviews from to Loox

    Import your reviews collection to Loox using our import tool. To import your reviews from Inside the app, go to “Manage Reviews”: Click “Import & Export”: Click “Export

  • Fixing Errors on Spreadsheet Imports

    When importing reviews to Loox using the Loox import spreadsheet, some reviews might not complete the import process due to their information not meeting our requirements. When this scenario occurs,

  • Importing Reviews From AliExpress

    Import your AliExpress supplier’s product reviews to Loox using our one-click import method. In this article, we'll explain how to import your reviews from AliExpress to Loox and how to add the

  • Importing Reviews From a Spreadsheet

    Import reviews collected from any previous source using our Review Import Template file. In this article, we will cover the process of importing reviews to Loox using our Review import Template file,

  • Importing Reviews from Junip to Loox

    Import your Junip reviews collection to Loox using our import tool. To import your reviews from Junip: Inside the Junip app, go to “Manage reviews”: Click “Export reviews”: Inside the Loox admin, go

  • Importing Reviews from Yotpo to Loox

    Import your Yotpo reviews collection to Loox using our import tool. To import your reviews from Yotpo: Inside the Yotpo Shopify app, go to “Moderation” under “Reviews”: Click “Export to CSV”: Inside

  • Importing Reviews from Shineon

    Import reviews for your ShineOn products, and display them on your store using Loox widget. To import reviews from ShineOn to Loox, follow the steps below: 1. Go to your ShineOn admin, create and

  • Importing Reviews to Loox

    Have a collection of previously collected reviews you would like to display on your Loox widgets? The article below will show you how to import your reviews from any previous source, including your

  • Importing Reviews from Okendo to Loox

    Import your Okendon reviews collection to Loox using our import tool. To import your reviews from Okendo: Inside the Okendo app, go to “Import/Export” under “Settings”: Click on the download icon

  • Importing Reviews from Shopify Product Reviews to Loox

    Import your Shopify Product Reviews collection of reviews to Loox using our import tool. To import your reviews from the Shopify Product Reviews app: Inside the Shopify Product Reviews app, click

  • Changing the Reviewers' Name Format

    Set how your reviewers’ names are displayed on your Loox widgets. By default, your reviewers’ first name and last name’s initial letter will appear on your Loox widgets (e.g. "John S."). To change

  • Onsite Referrals

    Turn your store visitors into brand ambassadors using our Onsite Referrals Widgets. Allow your visitors to sign up and receive referral links they can share with friends and family, earning rewards

  • Review Transparency

    Loox enables you to comply with your local regulations by offering various disclosures that appear on customers’ reviews. In this article, we'll look at the “verified purchase” badge and other

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  • How to Stop Loox Emails from Being Sent

    After installing Loox on your store and completing its onboarding process, we will send review request emails, as well as other emails, to your customers on your behalf, based on your chosen

  • Getting Started with Loox

    Welcome to Loox 🎉 Now that you have installed Loox, what's next? The article below will walk you through collecting and displaying your products' reviews, offering discounts for photo and video

  • How to Remove Loox from Your Store

    If you've reached this page, there must be something we should be doing better! If there's anything we can do to improve your experience with Loox, please contact our Support Team, and we'll get back

  • Scheduling Emails According to Delivery Timing

    Loox enables you to time your review request emails based on the delivery of the products. If your delivery times vary a lot between individual orders, delivery-based timing will allow you to always

  • Offering a Discount for Photo/Video Reviews

    Motivate your customers to submit visual reviews by offering them a next-purchase discount for reviews that include a photo or video. This article will cover the two types of discounts available and

  • Review Request Email Timing

    When it comes to requesting reviews, timing is crucial. Sending it too soon can create a frustrating experience for your customers; waiting too long can risk missing out on the initial excitement of

  • Loox Post-purchase Upsell

    Promote select products during your customers' checkout process, increasing your sales total value using our Post-Purchase Upsell page. Give your customers the option to add an additional product to

  • Managing Reviews

    Manage the reviews you display on your store pages using the multiple options and settings we offer. Publish new reviews submitted by your customers, tag reviews as featured, and set an auto-publish